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Kevork Auto Electric

2124 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91107

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jumpstart car battery
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Just Discovered That Your
Car Won't Start?

If Your Car Is Suffering Electrical Problems
And You Are In The Pasadena Area, You Just Found
Cheap, Reliable & Trustworthy Service.

Call Now: (626) 796-9150

Whether your car is foreign or domestic, if the problem involves ANY of the following then you are in luck: Power Locks, Power Windows, Wiring, Battery Recharge Or Replacement, Alternator, Starter, or even if you just need to Have The Cause Of A Problem Traced.

Kevork Knows Auto Electrics!

Read What Customers Are Saying...
Kevork does amazing and honest work!
I was so amazed and pleased by the work done by Kevork that I ended up giving him more money than he requested - I was very happy to leave him a tip for his quality work. I'm positive that if I would have taken my truck to a shop like Pep Boys etc. that it would have cost 5 times to 10 times as much...

- Garnet
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Great Personal Service
This is the kind of place that is becoming more and more difficult to find. A one person shop where you can actually speak with the person who works on your car. Also a great value, he does not charge the "book rate" but only for the time actually spend working on the car.

- Johan Gregory
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So Who Is Kevork?

Actually he is my ex-wife's uncle and he would not know how to find this web page which advertises his auto electric workshop if his life depended on it. He understands cars and not computers. In fact he does not even have a computer in his garage, and he cannot be reached by email, which is why I have emphasized his phone number elsewhere on the page.

I put together this little site so that people looking for a reliable auto electric specialist in the Pasadena area can find someone who will provide just the kind of dependable auto electrical service that they require - and he is inexpensive!

Who Am I?

stephen carter
My name is Stephen Carter, and I live in the Pasadena area where Kevork's auto garage is located. I know a lot about computers and the internet, and I know nothing about cars. But then I don't need to know, because I have a great auto electrical guy who takes care of my car - namely, Kevork!

Now, the thing is, if your car is anything like my car, which is getting on a little in the years, it is electrical problems that catch you unawares when the car seemed to have been working fine up until the day before.

recharge car battery
When that happens, you need an auto repair guy to figure it out for you, especially if your car is one of the modern varieties which are incredibly complex under the hood.

Me, I could not even find the battery in my Oldsmobile when I went looking for it. The trouble is, of course, that unless you know someone who fixes cars for a living, you really need a good recommendation before you go off in search of someone to start tinkering with your car. So consider this web page my personal recommendation to you to go ahead and make Kevork your "car guy".

classic car
Customers That Span Decades

Trust me, you won't regret the decision. The last time I was at Kevork's garage I struck up a conversation with a client while Kevork was working on this guy's mint condition 1965 Ford something or other (like I said, I don't know cars, but this one was a beauty).

Turned out the guy was a car collector and he had been using Kevork as his "go to guy" for the last 20 years. He said Kevork can figure out things about cars that the younger guys would have no clue about.

I asked Kevork if this guy was his oldest customer. He shook his head. "I have customers who have been with me for 25 years."

Auto Electrical Specialist Since 1964

mechanic working on generator
Turns out that Kevork has been working on cars since the same year that I was born. One thing is for sure, his career choice has not made him rich, and his garage is not one of those busy shops with people running around here and there while you twiddle your thumbs and wait for someone to get to you. Kevork is a one-man operation, so every customer of his deals with him one on one - and that's just the way he likes it.

alternator car repair
His current garage in Pasadena was established in 1980, so he is pretty much a fixed part of the landscape now.

But don't expect the Ritz when you head over to his place on the corner of Craig and Colorado. Just expect that if your car doesn't need more than 20 minutes of attention, then that's all it is going to get. You will be there only for as long as is needed, and not a minute more.

Nor will you be getting any recommendations to fix something unless that is really what is needed to ensure that you won't be coming back in the next few months to get the same problem fixed again.

"Cheaper Than Anybody"

multi meter auto electrical diagnosis
That was Kevork's response when I asked him how his rates fare in comparison to his competition. I don't doubt it for a moment. Like I said, he is a one-man show and he has little in the way of overhead, so you really aren't likely to find someone who can go head to head with Kevork if you are on a budget. Besides, if his services weren't worth every penny I am fairly sure he wouldn't have loyal customers who have been with him for decades.

Kevork will give you a free estimate on the cost of anything, so you really have nothing to lose by seeking his advice.

Final Word

I know that if you show up unannounced at his shop, Kevork is not going to turn away your business. But my suggestion is that you do yourself a favor and call ahead first so that he can fit you in at a time that will minimize your inconvenience. Tell him that Stephen sent you, and that the web page I put up (which he wasn't so sure about) just got him his newest customer :)

Stephen Carter

Call Kevork at (626) 796-9150

Instructions For Leaving A Google Places Review

If you would like to help Kevork by recommending his auto electric services to potential customers, I know that Kevork would love to have you leave a review. I have posted below brief instructions for how to leave a review of Kevork Auto Electric on Google Places, which is one of the best places to comment.

Step 1
To be honest Google doesn't make leaving a review totally easy, but if you have a Gmail account and a Google account you ought to be able to login and leave a review. If you do not already have one you can get a Google email account from

Step 2
Once you are signed into your Google account click on the following link to do a Google search on auto electric pasadena.

This will bring up auto electric services in the Pasadena area and you ought to be able to spot Kevork's Google Places listing. It has the ballon icon in front of it to indicate that it appears on Google Maps, and it appears with a bunch of other businesses. It should look something like this:
kevork auto electric google places listing

Click on the Google Reviews link next to "Kevork Auto Electric" to bring up Kevork's business listing in Google Places. This is where you will leave your review.

Step 3
The Google Places page will look something like the following, and you will see the "WRITE A REVIEW" button appearing prominently on the page.

I recommend writing your review in a text file on your PC first, just in case you have problems saving in online. Then click on that "WRITE A REVIEW" button, paste in your review, click on the stars to provide a rating to go with the review, then click on the "Publish" button and you are done!
kevork auto electric google places page

P.S. Thank you very much for taking the time to jump through all these hoops! I have spoken with Kevork and he definitely appreciates it when a customer takes to the time to help him and prospective clients who would like to know more about how you rate his service.

By the way, if you want to submit a review elsewhere on the web, that's fine too :)